Camp Card Fundraiser

There are plenty of good reasons for your Scouts to take part in the annual camp card fundraiser! Besides the money that can be earned for camp and Scouting activities throughout the year, Scouts learn valuable skills like teamwork, goal setting, time management and salesmanship - just to name a few.

On this resource page, you will find useful information to aid you and your unit in the camp card sale and, as always, the Council is here to help answer any questions that you may have. Please contact Nique Hart-Saxton at 330-773-0415 ext 216 or

Be on the lookout for the "Camp Card Guidebook" in the coming weeks. It will be available at the bottom of this page.

Cards are only $10.00 each. Units earn 50% commission or $5.00 per card sold. The cards will be distributed at March Roundtables. All money ($5.00 per card) must be turned in at June Roundtables or to the Council Service Center, 1601 South Main St, Akron OH by June 7th, 2018. Invoices will be issued electronically via email.

*Please note, units have the option to return up to 50% of their unsold cards at May Roundtables or to the Council Service Center by Thursday, May 10th. All returns must be in good condition. Returns will not be accepted after this date.

2018 Sale Key Dates
  • February 8th - Units sign-up below or at Roundtables
  • March 8th - Sale Begins! Camp Card Kick-offs at Roundtables / Commit to Sell / Pick-Up Cards
  • May 10th - Continue to pick up cards at Roundtables. Last day for units to return up to 50% of unsold cards.
  • June 7th - Sale Ends. Camp card payments due at Roundtables. Please make Unit checks payable to: Great Trail Council, BSA.
Don't delay! Sign-up your unit for Camp Cards today! Just complete the form below to get started (or click here to open in a new window):

Veronique Hart-Saxton,
Feb 1, 2018, 5:47 PM