Staff Advisor: Dennis Vargo (330-773-0415 Ext 214)


Youth Protection Training - Online

Mission Statment

"To set Exploring direction by managing post development and fostering community awareness."

About Exploring

Exploring is a fun way to find out about lots of different career paths and it's an opportunity for you to Explore your skills and talents in real life settings.  It is a program for young men and women ages 14-20. It's designed to provide a hands-on, behind-the-scenes look at different careers. Explorers have the opportunity to step into the real world of business, computers, medicine, fashion and much, much, more. You will learn how much different careers pay, what kind of education you need, and what steps you can take now to help you enter that field. In addition, you will have a great time too! You will make new friends and take part in a number of activities that are just for fun.

Exploring has many local sponsors and a variety of career choices. There's bound to be a post that interests you. Maybe it's law enforcement, computers, engineering, fire fighting, or veterinary medicine. You might even discover an exciting new career that you haven't considered.


Q - How much does it cost? A - Not much...the basic registration for a full year does not exceed $24.00, however some posts have additional expences determined by each post.
Q - How much time does it take? A - Most posts meet twice a month for about 90 minutes.
Q - What if I don't like it? A - That's what Exploring is all about. If you find that the field the post is in really dosn't interest you, let's see if we can find another. And you can be a member of more that one at a time!
Q - Where can I find out more? A - Contact Dennis Vargo (330-773-0415 x 214)
Q - Is there any more information about Exploring? A - Check the National Website