Information Regarding the New Council Service Center

posted Aug 31, 2018, 2:03 PM by John Brkic

The Opportunity – Council Service Center

Last fall, the GTC’s Strategic Planning Committee led by Jim Pulk, identified as one of its goals, the need to consider options for our existing Scout Service Center.  Jim Nilsen, Chair of the Properties/Facilities subcommittee, led a thorough review of our existing Scout Center building, along with the current and future needs of GTC.  It was concluded that our existing service center is beyond capacity and is lacking office, meeting, storage and retail space.  This creates a challenging environment.

With these findings the Properties/Facilities subcommittee reached out to the Summit Land Bank and local commercial realtors to begin an initial investigation into what building options were potentially available and at what cost.  The subcommittee also looked at:

·         Expanding and remodeling our existing building on South Main Street.  The group spent quite a bit of time evaluating GTC’s existing building site, engaging some of our Board members with a lot of commercial development experience, and in the end the group concluded expanding on the existing site just does not make sense.

·         Purchasing/remodeling an existing building that would meet our needs.  The group looked at ten existing buildings that were/are currently for sale.  The buildings selected were all located in the Akron/SR8 corridor that the group felt, from a location perspective could work for employees, volunteers and customers.  This review though educational, did not provide any clear-cut building options worthy of pursuing.  The buildings visited were either too expensive, not in good locations or would require too much remodeling to meet GTC’s needs.   

·         Potentially building a new “Youth Leadership Training Center”. The group evaluated the new building option.  A site on the Camp Butler property, off of SR 303, was discussed and some very preliminary work was completed.  There was even a high-level conversation with the Cuyahoga Valley National Park officials regarding this option and location.  In the committee’s opinion the building new option is too expensive at this time. 


New Opportunity Presents Itself


On June 22, 2018, we were notified that one of the buildings the group had considered was going to be empty soon and the owner had significantly reduced the price.  This 21,000 square foot facility, located at 4500 Hudson Drive in Stow meets all the important requirements identified by the subcommittee.  At that point the subcommittee and the Key 3 reengaged.  This group did some additional fact gathering, due diligence, site visits, and reviewed documents provided by the seller.  With input from Jim Nilsen’s subcommittee, and several of our Board members with career experience in commercial property management and development, the Key 3 concluded that the building was a viable option to address GTC’s facility needs.

Actions Taken

On July 18, 2018, a special meeting of the GTC’s Executive Committee was called with thirteen members attending.  Pat Scherer and Jim Nilsen presented the opportunity, starting with a review of the existing Scout Center, GTC’s current needs, a picture tour and facts about the Hudson Drive building, a why now, a status of the discussion with the current owner and next steps.  After significant discussion, the Executive Committee passed a motion authorizing Patrick Scherer to enter into a Letter of Intent (LOI) for the purchase of the property.  The LOI serves only as a basis for further negotiations of a formal Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) and among other things provides for a 60 days due diligence period and specifically makes Closing subject to and contingent upon GTC obtaining full approval from its Executive Board.  On July 24, 2018, the LOI between the Seller and GTC was executed, and on August 13, 2018 a PSA was fully executed.

A special Executive Board meeting has been scheduled for October 8th, 4:00pm at Northeast Ohio Medical College for the sole purpose of making the final decision(s) on the proposed new building.

The GTC has a long history of financial, program and leadership excellence, and we are very confident our professional scouting staff, Board and volunteers will all work together to thoroughly review and evaluate this exciting opportunity.