Pathfinder District

Pathfinder District is the Urban Scouting district in Great Trail Council and serves Greater Akron, Warren, and Youngstown areas.

Pathfinder Mission Statement

The mission of the Pathfinder District is identical to the goals of all Scouting programs: to provide activities and opportunities for children to develop self-esteem, character, personal fitness and citizenship. The Pathfinder District seeks to attain these goals among minority, low-income and disadvantaged youth. It's the toughest market we serve, but it's the one area where we can make a noticeable difference in a child's quality of life.

About Pathfinder

In February 1993, the first urban emphasis task force met to discuss what might be done to increase the service of Scouting for youth in urban areas. The Great Trail Council developed an entire district and named this district "Pathfinder" stressing its focus on helping urban area young people to make ethical choices and decisions in this changing world.

Pathfinder District has seven years experience in helping to shape and mold the values and character of at-risk youth in urban areas. This movement continues to help strengthen youth, families, and communities through comprehensive programs for its members. The extensive nature of our Scouting programs allow the movement to address six critical elements of healthy youth development:

  • Strong Personal Values and Character
  • A Positive Sense of Self-Worth and Usefulness
  • Caring and Nurturing Relationships with Parents, other adults and peers.
  • A desire to learn
  • Productive and Creative use of Time
  • Social Adeptness