When and Where are the Join Scouting Nights?

This sheet will be updated regularly right after the Facebook Joining Scout Nights are entered. Each Cub Scout Pack has a unique number. Click on the Pack Number to see the Facebook Event Listing. You can find out more information on these Cub Scout Packs by selecting the "Unit Contact Info as of 9-7-2022" tab at the bottom of the listing.

Click on the spreadsheet below to read it on your phone

Scroll down to see Events that have passed. They are listed at the bottom. You can still join, just reach out to the email contact.

Join Scouting Nights Fall 2022

Tabs of the listing above:

List of JSNs - The list of all Scout Joining Nights for which a Facebook Event is entered on our page at https://www.facebook.com/gtcbsa

Unit Contact Information as of 9-7-2022 - The list of all Cub Scout Packs in the Council showing their contact information and location.

If the event has passed or you cannot make it reach out to the contact person listed. You can join anytime even if you miss the event listed below.

Some Cub Scout Packs will have events that are not listed here.