Older Scout Programs

Co-ed 14-20 years old


"Crews" for 14–20 years old co-eds

Venturing Crews are in every district of Great Trail Council. These programs are for the older scout and extend through age 20.

Venturing is a youth-led program where Scouts experience positive mentorship and develop leadership skills in a fun, supportive environment.  

 Crews can come together for many reasons, but often around a single focus such as high adventure . Members of crews are often also members of a Scouts BSA program as a youth or young adult. 

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Sea Scouting

"Ships" for 14–20 years old co-eds

Scout Ship 5001 is in our council to serve you. Search here using your zip code for them or another Sea Scout Ship. 

Sea Scouting is a maritime program for boys and girls ages 14-20 providing a fun, safe environment for Scouts to learn, build friendships, and develop character while earning advancement.  

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