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Restart Scouting in your Pack, Troop, Crew, or Ship

As always, the safety of our Scouts, volunteers, employees and the communities we serve is our top priority for the Great Trail Council.

Over the course of the last several months, we have found ourselves battling the coronavirus pandemic. This battle has brought many changes to our every-day lives, including how we deliver Scouting to our young people in our local Packs, Troops, Crews, and Ships.

In June, we released guidelines for units to begin meeting again. We've come to realize that in addition to those guidelines, our units need some additional support in beginning to start their regular meetings again. This page will be your go-to spot for resources on how to work with the Scouts in your unit while we continue battling the pandemic.

It is our hope that a blended option of in-person and virtual activities will allow your unit to continue to be successful while also allowing your Scouts to enjoy the great outdoors and continue to advance on their journeys through Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouts.

Should you have any questions - or need additional support, do not hesitate to contact us at the Great Trail Council by calling (330) 773-0415 or e-mailing

You can also consult our Staff Directory to find the contact information for your District Executive.

Updated Guidelines for Unit Activities

(Updated as of 8/25/2021) We have created an updated chart to help your unit guide its activities utilizing the Ohio alert levels for counties. This document should be used to determine which activities can take place and how given the current risk level in your area. To download a PDF click here.

Covid-19 Updated Scouting Safely Recommendations & Planning Guide 1 of 2.pdf

Activity Ideas for our Cub Scout Packs

In these uncertain times, we know one of the most difficult to plan activities for is our Cub Scouts. Our younger Scouts tend to have a more difficult time practicing their social distancing and might not fully understand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. We've gathered up some activity ideas that we hope will be helpful for our leaders to plan activities, but also to allow our Cub Scouts to see each other and have fun at Cub Scouts!

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Family or Den Hike

    • Assign groups of 10 (including two leaders/parents) before gathering

        • Could group it by Den

    • Stagger start times to limit interaction

    • Send out/hand out meeting notes to avoid large group gathering

Local Park or Chartering Organization Activities

  • Find a park with picnic tables

  • Ask families/dens to sit at alternating tables to keep socially distant


  • Find a large grassy area at your Chartering Organization or another public use area

  • Ask families to bring a blanket and chairs - set up blankets at least 6ft apart

  • Families could pack a dinner

  • Turn social distancing into a game for the kids

      • Tell kids “the floor is lava” between picnic tables or blankets

      • Reward the kids with following social distancing

Treasure Hunt

  • Separate Pack into teams of 10 people or less

  • Hide items around a park/charter org that relate to the 12 principles of the Scout Law

      • Cost effective: write each of the 12 tenets on their own piece of paper and hide in old easter eggs (included candy if you want!)

  • If at a park:

      • Separate area into segments based on # of groups of ten you have

      • Hide each of the twelve items in all segmented areas to keep groups from overlapping

          • Ex: 3 groups = 3 sets of of the 12 tenets (36 eggs total)

  • Once the Scouts find them, ask & explain what each principle means


  • Ask leaders and Scouts to download the SkyView App

Chalk the Walk

  • Bring sidewalk chalk to your Charter Organization or local park

  • Ask the Scouts to reflect on quarantine

  • Ask them to draw what they enjoyed about quarantine, missed during quarantine or maybe something they’re looking forward to or something they’re grateful for.

Scout Foosball

  • Meet in your charter org’s parking lot with a soccer ball or other kind of ball

  • Draw horizontal lines with chalk spaced 6-10 feet apart

  • Make sure Scouts stay inside their designated foosball area

Click Here to View a diagram of how to set-up the game.

Family / Den Game Night

  • Charades

      • Each family writes at least 5 items for Charades

      • They act out their words in their own area (picnic table, blanket, etc.)

      • Or use the Charades! Kids App

  • Talent Show

      • Have families in your Pack sign up to participate ahead of time.

      • Organize the order of events so that each family knows when it will be their turn.

      • Hold at your Charter organization Parking Lot and have a loud speaker to use for sound so that everyone can hear what's happening.

  • Pictionary

      • Ask families to submit topics for pictionary ahead of time.

      • Have each family bring their own dry erase marker to the event.

      • Use a dry erase board that can be wiped down with sanitizer in-between each round.

Den Meeting Resources for
Cub Scout Leaders

Our friends at the Sam Houston Council in Houston, Texas have created a wonderful resource for Cub Scout Leaders to plan their programs and have comprehensive activities to work with multiple dens all at once while focusing on each specific den's advancement needs.

We invite you to check out their Cub Scout Program Planning page by clicking here. It is definitely a resource that will not disappoint!

Cub Scout Adventure Video Resources

This summer, local councils from across the country worked together to support Den Leaders with virtual meetings. This Content can be used to aid your programs, but does not take the place of the program as designed and presented in the Den Leader Experience or Cub Scout Handbooks.

During the current pandemic, virtual resources may be used to complete requirements such as virtual tours in place of den outings. The standard of Cub Scout advancement is for the Cub Scout to do their best.

Click here to view all of the video adventures.

G-Suite Tools for All Great Trail Council Units

It's important integrate technology and virtual options paired with your in-person options for all on-going events to keep your entire unit engaged.

At the beginning of July, the Great Trail Council released the G-Suite tools for all Packs, Troops, Crews, and Ships to have access to a unit Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and Classroom under the umbrella of the domain.

Your Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, or Skipper) and Committee Chairs received information about these tools and how to start utilizing them.

By having access to these tools, your unit now has an opportunity to keep all of your Scouts engaged in a virtual setting while also continuing to move to in-person options as well. Take this time to leverage the opportunity to reach all of your Scouts using the technology we all carry around with us in our pockets every day.

For information on youth safety and working virtually, make sure you read these guidelines from the national service center.

Additional Resources for Leaders and Parents

How to Make Face Mask Using a Scout Neckerchief

Did you know?

Boy's Life magazine did a great story on how to fashion your own face mask using a Scout Neckerchief. Read the full story here.

You can also watch the YouTube video here.

Local and National Scouting At Home Resources

The national service center has a great resource on Scouting at Home Activities. Check out their website at

Below you will find our GTC File Bank of Scouting at Home Activities as well.