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Restart Post Activities

As always, the safety of our Explorers, volunteers, employees and the communities we serve is our top priority for the Great Trail Council.

Over the course of the last several months, we have found ourselves battling the coronavirus pandemic. This battle has brought many changes to our every-day lives, including how we deliver programs to our young people in our local Exploring Posts and Clubs.

In June, we released guidelines for units to begin meeting again. We've come to realize that in addition to those guidelines, our units need some additional support in beginning to start their regular meetings again. This page will be your go-to spot for resources on how to work with the young people in your Post while we continue battling the pandemic.

It is our hope that a blended option of in-person and virtual activities will allow your unit to continue to be successful while also allowing your Explorers to advance on their career exploration journeys through your Post's programming.

Should you have any questions - or need additional support, do not hesitate to contact us at the Great Trail Council by calling (330) 773-0415 or e-mailing

You can also consult our Staff Directory to find the contact information for your District Executive.

Guidelines for Post Activities

We have created an updated chart to help your unit guide its activities utilizing the Ohio alert levels for counties. This document should be used to determine which activities can take place and how given the current risk level in your area. To download a PDF click here.

Hosting an In-Person Meeting

Recently, we have received several questions from volunteers about hosting in-person meetings given that group sizes need to be limited to 10 individuals. The important part to remember about these in-person meetings is that limiting small groups to interacting with each other on Exploring activities does not mean that you cannot bring your entire unit together in a common place to see each other and interact from a distance.

We've seen a lot of creativity from several of our Cub Scout Packs and Scouts BSA Troops and would like to share some ideas for bringing larger groups together for meetings. These same ideas are easily transferrable to Post meetings.

  • Utilize a Large Parking Lot

      • A great idea we got from one of our Scouts BSA Troops was to use the parking lot at their Chartering Organization to be able to hold in-person Troop meetings, patrol meetings, and PLC meetings.

        Each Scout brings a folding chair with them and they each sit in a parking spot so that they are able to interact in-person.

        This is a great way to restart Exploring meetings and activities as well! Consult with your Sponsoring organization prior to doing so.

      • Another great idea that we noticed one of our Cub Scout Packs using a parking lot for was to be able to hold a Pack meeting. Each family parked their car all facing in the same direction so that the Pack leadership could create a stage to be able to hand out awards and conduct other activities such as songs and skits.

        In this situation, leaders can bring small groups out of their cars one at a time to maintain the group size of 10 individuals at a time and still be able to bring the whole Post together for a regular meeting.

  • Outdoors, outdoors, outdoors!

  • Come out to Camp

      • Did you know? The pavilions at Camps Manatoc, Butler and Stambaugh are available for rentals without having to stay overnight for camping? If you'd like to make a reservation to use a pavilion, call the Council Service Center at (330) 773-0415.

      • Camps Manatoc, Butler and Stambaugh are all open for Unit Reservations and we would love to see our Scouts out at Camp. Use the space of camp to host your unit activities.

          • Weekday Rentals are available to Posts at no cost to utilize pavilions and other areas of camp for weekly unit Meetings.

          • Make reservations by going to

Program Resources for our Posts

Post Resources Available Online

    • Go to to find resources from the National Service Center and Curriculum Ideas to use for your Post Programs.

Post Grab Bags / Grab and Go Project Kits

    • Create Grab Bags for your Explorers to pick up from their sponsoring organization to participate in activities virtually.

G-Suite Tools for All Posts

It's important integrate technology and virtual options paired with your in-person options for all on-going events to keep your entire unit engaged.

The Great Trail Council will be releasing the G-Suite tools for all Posts to have access to a unit Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and Classroom under the umbrella of the domain.

Your Post Advisors and Committee Chairs will receive information about these tools and how to start utilizing them.

By having access to these tools, your unit now has an opportunity to keep all of your Scouts engaged in a virtual setting while also continuing to move to in-person options as well. Take this time to leverage the opportunity to reach all of your Scouts using the technology we all carry around with us in our pockets every day.

For information on youth safety and working virtually, make sure you read these guidelines from the national service center.

Additional Resources for Advisors and Parents