Districts of the Great Trail Council

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District Chair: Gregory Upole, (330) 242-4203

District Commissioner: Paul Pesut, (330) 310-7717

District Executive: Olivia Pilon, (234) 900-5898

Click on the image to visit the Soaring Eagle District Page.

District Chair: Sherri Buck

District Commissioner: Edward Martin, (330) 350-1290

District Director: Scott Evans, (234) 900-5903

Click on the image to visit the Stambaugh District Page.

District Chair: Albin Dearing

District Commissioner: Beth Harnishfeger, (330) 758-3853

District Executive: Stephen Dipalo, (330) 773-0425

Click on the image to visit the Crooked River District Page.

District Chair: Brian Pichola

District Commissioner: Vincent Marchetti, 330-389-1136

District Executive: Jake Jackson, (234) 900-5899

A map of the geographical areas represented by each district.

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