Districts of the Great Trail Council

Click on the image to visit the Canal District Page. 

District Chair:  Bill Canan

District Commissioner:  Jeff Carrico

(234) 718-0891


District Executive:  Stephen DiPaolo, (234) 900-5893

Click on the image to visit the Soaring Eagle District Page. 

District Chair:  Dale Becker (302) 757-3300

District Commissioner: Craig Wrobleski, (440) 552-0676

District Director:  Scott Evans, (234) 900-5903

Click on the image to visit the Stambaugh District Page. 

District Chair:   Jim Pipino 

District Commissioner:  Craig Williams, (330) 207-9222

District Director:   Todd Davis, 864-266-9932

Click on the image to visit the Crooked River District Page. 

District Chair:  
Lou Verhas, lverhas@yahoo.com
(216) 235-0795

District Commissioner:  Vincent Marchetti, (330) 389-1136

District Executive:  Zachary Bickel, 234-900-5899

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