All About Scouts

Scouting promotes:

Fun in the Outdoors




Character development

Scouting exists to serve the whole family. All of our programs accept male and female youth and parents are encouraged to volunteer as leaders and supporters.

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Is scouting safe for my son and daughter?

We have very strict membership standards for all adults who participate in the program. See our pages on Scouting Safety, which includes the Guide to Safe Scouting, and Youth Protection

The BSA’s Commitment to Safety

In Scouting, we will not compromise the safety of our youth, volunteers, and employees. Safety is a value that must be taught and reinforced at every opportunity. We are all responsible and must hold each other accountable to provide a safe environment for all participants. We are committed to abuse prevention by utilizing:

We are committed to injury and illness prevention by integrating safety measures in our handbooks, literature, and training materials including the Guide to Safe Scouting. We expect leaders to use the four points of SAFE Scouting measures include:

When incidents do occur, we expect a timely, clear, and complete incident report. We are committed to learning from the data and modifying program guidance for the prevention of future occurrence.

Click the following image to watch the Scouting is Safer Than Ever video. 

What does scouting cost?

There is an annual national membership fee of $85 regardless of the unit you join. Each unit sets their own unit dues and you should check with each unit to see what the details are. Some units cover all of the costs with their own funds, others charge a lower amount and each event is a la carte. Every unit participates in fundraisers such as selling scout popcorn that allows the youth to pay their way. 

How often do the scouts meet?

When and where the scouting unit meets is up to the unit. Some units meet weekly, others every other week. There is often a quarterly or monthly activity on the weekend. Once you pick a few units to look at you will see their meeting schedules. The unit leader should have a calendar for the upcoming months or year they can share with you once you contact them. 

Is there someone I can call?

Yes, call the paid Scout professional in your area. Click here to find the Scouting professional in your area.

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.