How to Join Scouting (or just find information)

There are multiple ways to join Scouting.

  1. You can find a unit or units near you based on your zip code. To find a Scouting Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship or Exploring Unit near you, enter your zip code down below and click on one of the program icons.

  2. Learn about Our Programs and see what is available by age and grade, click here to see Our Programs (Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouts or Explorers). For each program you can do the same zip code search.

  3. Call our office at 330-773-0415 and tell who answers that you are interested in finding out about Scouting. They will direct your call.

  4. Speak to one of our district professionals. Each scouting unit is in a district, a geographical region of the council, which you can see in the map. Each district is led by a team of volunteers and a professional staff member. Click on the map near where you live or go to school to discover the district executive for that area.

Clicking on the map takes you to the District page where you can discover who to contact.

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