Recharter Process for
Great Trail Council Packs, Troops, Crews and Ships

Charters are due at the November Roundtable

September 13 & 14 - Attend Roundtable for Charter Kickoff. 

It all starts at your September Roundtable. Please attend the Charter Renewal Launch at the September Roundtable.

For assistance, contact your district commissioner or 

Assistant Council Commissioner for Charter Renewal
Ed Martin,

View Your District Presentation

Canal District

Jeff Carrico,  District Commissioner
(234) 718-0891

CharterRenewal 2023-Kickoff Presentation-Canal.pptx

Crooked River District

Vince Marchetti, District Commissioner
(330) 389-1136

CharterRenewal 2023-Kickoff Presentation-CrookedRiver.pptx

Stambaugh District

Craig Williams, District Commissioner
(330) 207-9222

CharterRenewal 2023-Kickoff Presentation-Stambaugh.pptx

Soaring Eagle District

Craig Wrobleski, District Commissioner
(440) 552-0676

CharterRenewal 2023-Kickoff Presentation-SoaringEagle.pptx

September 15 - Key 3 receives the Unit Health Reporting Tool

Each Unit Key 3 member will complete the online Unit Health Reporting Tool no later than October 31, 2023.  A link to the tool will be emailed on September 15, 2023, to each Key 3 and to Chartered Organization Delegates with the subject Great Trail Council Unit Health Reporting Tool.  This tool replaces the need to complete the 2023 Scouting’s Journey to Excellence Form and other documents used in the past.    

Unit Health Reporting Tool

The questions within the reporting tool are asked on behalf of the Council Commissioner Service Team, who are focusing on the health of your unit. 

Part of our focus is the quantitative assessment that is the Journey to Excellence, and part is how you assess the quality of your unit and what you need to improve. 

We seek to discover what are the needs of each unit and to see how many other units are in the same boat. This information will help direct our commissioner energies toward systemic issues across our Packs, Troops, Crew, and Ships in all of our traditional districts. 

There are different questions for different members:

FAQ on the Unit Health Reporting Tool

Why collect the JTE and other information this way?

Who is reading the information that you produce?

What will we do with this information?  

What data we collect from the Key 3 member designated as the JTE and Membership Data Recorder.

Questions in the membership block (Asked of all Packs, Troops, Crews and Ships)

All of the Journey to Excellence questions, 11 for Troops, 10 for Cubs and 9 for Crews and Ships. You can find the appropriate JTE form with all questions for your unit on our JTE page here.

From the Unit Dashboard on (The data is clearly displayed, you need only to copy into the reporting tool).

From your knowledge of your unit (data we cannot get anywhere else)

If your unit is a Pack  (data we cannot get anywhere else)

If your unit is a Troop  (data we cannot get anywhere else)

What data we will collect from Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Crew Advisors and Ship Skippers.

From Scoutmasters

 From Cubmasters

From Crew Advisors

From Ship Skippers

no specific Questions.

Sept to Oct - Review your roster in

Before October 2, Review your roster in 

FAQ on Roster Review

What about members who have recently turned 18?

For members who will have turned 18 by January 1, 2024, and wish to continue their membership:

What about Youth who are crossing over to a Troop from a Pack?

What about Multiples?

How does the new membership cycle affect us?

Online Applications

Sept to Oct - Review all of your Adult Volunteer's  Training. 

Youth Protection Training 

is required for everyone. If any of your adult volunteers have a YPT certificate that expires before December 31, 2023, they must retake the training no later than September 26, 2023, or they will be dropped on September 27, 2023. 

Now is the time to ensure everyone in this danger zone update their Youth Protection Training before September 27, 2023. 

Visit our Youth Protection Page  or How to take YPT Training page. 

Hazardous Weather Training 

is required of all Committee Chairs and Direct Contact Leaders. This training is good for two years.

Hazardous Weather Training is an online course at

Log on to

Position Specific Training

is required of all Committee Chairs and Direct Contact Leaders. 

You can take these courses online at, or you might find a course offered in person on our training calendar

Who are the direct Contact Leaders? 

Direct contact leaders include 

Cubmasters, Assistant Cubmasters, Webelos Leaders, Assistant Webelos Leaders, Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, Lion Guides, Tiger Den Leaders,  Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Crew Advisors, Associate Crew Advisors, Skippers and Mates, and all unit Committee Chairpersons. 

October 2, Online Registration Opens

Go online to to complete the recharter (available 10/02).  

Watch this tutorial video on the Rechartering Tool you use at 


Obtain payment for the total amount indicated on the Charter Payment Form with a check made payable to “Great Trail Council”.  

Do not make payments online.  

Payments made online go directly to National and refunds are at the discretion of National in the case of an overpayment. By paying locally, we can make sure you are charged correctly.  

Other acceptable forms of payment include unit account withdrawals and credit cards (info submitted with charter or called into Council Office beforehand;  using a credit card carries a 3% fee).

Registration fees for 2023:

$  80 for youth (additional $25 for first-time members)

$  60 for adults

$  15 for an annual subscription to Scout Life magazine (optional)

$100 Unit Liability Insurance Fee

Turning in your charter: the Charter Review

Refrain from delivering to Council Office.  

Attend your charter review appointment to review and submit the following items to the District Executive.  

Other Forms

Youth Registration Assistance Forms

Distribute Youth Registration Assistance Forms as needed.  Forms must be submitted by the October Roundtable to determine grant amounts and ACE reimbursement opportunities. 

Due: At the October Roundtable. 

Youth Registration Assistance Application 8.1.2023.pdf

Annual Charter Agreement Forms

For Council-registered Units

GTC Charter Agreement for Council Registered Units.pdf

For Units sponsored by Chartered Organizations


National Resources

National Webpage on Internet Charter Renewal

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