Flower Sale

This year the Great Trail Council will partner again with Urban Growers to sell flowers this spring! All information for the sale can be found here.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your Spring Flower Sale Chair or your District Executive.

Important Flower Sale Dates

Important Contact Information for Flower Sale

Please contact your Spring Flower Sale Chair or District Executive with any questions.

Canal District
District Executive: Ryan Perkins - Ryan.Perkins@Scouting.org - (234) 900-5898
Volunteer Chair:  Leona Lovell - leonalovell@hotmail.com - (330)671-9567

Crooked River District
District Executive:  Zack Bickel - Zack.Bickel@Scouting.org - (234) 900-5899
Volunteer Chair: Kathie Nichols - kbnichols61@icloud.com - (540)366-6279

Soaring Eagle District
District Director: Scott Evans - Scott.Evans@Scouting.org - (234) 900-5903
Volunteer Chair:  Stefania Duffy - sduffy8@outlook.com - (330) 636-1147

Stambaugh District
District Executive: Stephen DiPaolo - Stephen.DiPaolo@Scouting.org - (234) 900-5893
Volunteer Chair

Council Spring Product Sale Lead: Shannon Sinex - Shannon.Sinex@scouting.org - (234) 900-5907