2023 National Scout Jamboree

July 19-28, 2023

Come for the time of your life.

2023 National Scout Jamboree

REGISTER NOW! Avoid the November 1 price increase!

Jamboree pricing goes up $250 on November 1.

Attend as a Youth Participant, a Young Adult or an Adult Leader subject to Council Approval

Join Great Trail Council as it puts together a Jamboree Contingent. You want to be part of this! We we will be sending contingent troops of male and female Scouts BSA members, and Venturers. Read on to find out how you can be part of this experience.

Scouting’s flagship event is one-of-a-kind. It’s a gathering of approximately 40,000 Scouts, leaders, and staff that showcases everything that is great about the BSA and its members. Held every four years, the Jamboree is an amazing opportunity for participants, volunteers, and visitors to experience the best of Scouting, all in one place. Features include; one of the longest zip line courses in North America, a world-class skate park, ATV offerings, treetop canopy tours, rock climbing, patch trading, stadium shows, and much more!

Registration closes April 30, 2023.


The first Boy Scouts of America national jamboree was scheduled to be held in Washington, D.C., in 1935 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Scouting in America. Unfortunately, the jamboree was canceled because of a polio outbreak in Washington. Two years later, at the first jamboree, Dan Beard lit the opening campfire using flint and steel. Scouts from all 48 states brought the wood that was used in the campfire. There were 27,232 Scouts camped on the National Mall under the Washington Monument. Since that time, an additional 18 national jamborees have been held, the last in 2017.

Since 2013, the Jamboree is held in its permanent home at The Summit Bechtel Reserve, the BSA's fourth national high adventure base, in Mount Hope, West Virginia, just five hours south of Akron. The first Jamboree at the Summit was in 2013 with Great Trail Council sending two troops of 40 and one Venturing Crew of 10 traveling there. The next Jamboree was in 2017, and the World Jamboree was held at The Summit in 2019. The pandemic caused BSA to miss the 2021 and now the nation will descend on southern West Virginia once again in 2023. Be a part of it!

30,000 scouts at 2013 Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve

The blue tents are a part of one of five participant base camps at The Summit. AT&T Summit Stadium, an amphitheater that can hold 80,000, is shown in the foreground. Wi-Fi Internet connectivity spans the entire Jamboree site.

Trip Details

  • July 19, 2023 - Leave for the National Jamboree

  • July 19 - 28, 2023 - National Jamboree

  • July 28, 2023 - Return Home

Included in your price: travel to and from the Jamboree, two meals during travel, t-shirts, name tag, patches, Jamboree fees (including activities and meals during the Jamboree), a travel duffel, and use of a cot and tent.

Estimated price

The estimated price for Great Trail Council Scouts for the 2023 Jamboree is $2,000 and payment will be made directly to the Council. Payments will be made in installments with the final payment due in March 2023.

If you register after November 1, 2022, the price will increase to $2,250.

Need Financial Help?

The BSA’s aim is to ensure that every eligible Scout who is interested in attending the Jamboree is able to do so, regardless of financial background. While Scouts are encouraged to fundraise as much as they reasonably can, some Scouts will need additional financial support to cover Jamboree costs.

The scholarship can potentially cover any requested amount up to the full national fee of $1,285 ($1,535 after November 1, 2022).

In order to maximize the number of Scouts who can attend the Jamboree, full scholarships will only be given in the most extraordinary cases. Most scholarship awards will total 50% or less of the national fee.

The deadline for scholarship applications is December 31, 2022, with applicants told the result by February 15, 2023.

The possible results for a scholarship application are: Approved for a specific scholarship award amount, or Not Approved for a Jamboree scholarship.

For more information on Scholarships and to apply, visit https://jamboree.scouting.org/participants/scholarships/

Who can go to the Jamboree?

Youth Participants

  • MUST have a current BSA membership.

  • MUST be at least 12 years of age by July 19, 2023 but has not reached their 18th birthday by July 28, 2023.

  • 12-year-old participants must attend with a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must be registered as a BSA member and have taken Youth Protection Training.

  • Be approved by the local council.

  • MUST have appropriate parent/guardian to complete the online parental consent. (An email will be sent to the parent/guardian of any applicant currently 17 years of age or younger during the application process.)

  • Participate in pre-Jamboree training experience with local council and unit leader.

  • Submitted BSA Annual Health & Medical Record using the on-line Jamboree submission process. The AHMR must be dated on or after July 1, 2022.

  • Submit all registrations fees per the Great Trail Council’s payment schedule.

For Young Adult Participants and Adult Leader Participants

see Qualifications. (you will leave this page)

  • Young adults and Adult leaders are chosen by the Great Trail Council Jamboree Committee.

  • Young Adult Participants and Adult Leader Participants not selected as either Scoutmaster, 1st Assistant Scoutmaster, 2nd Assistant Scoutmaster, or 3rd Assistant Scoutmaster will be designated as Adult Chaperones. They will be encouraged to support the Jamboree Service Team (staff) in a programmatic function through an exclusive opportunity while at the Jamboree. (Details will be announced in 2023).

Visit the national page at Jamboree.scouting.org

Break this page out in its own window (you will leave jamboree.gtcbsa.org for jamboree.scouting.org.).

Get Ready for the Big Zip

And fly!

How to Register

Make sure you’re ready to register by making sure you have the basics covered –

  1. BSA membership must be current.

  2. Member ID number must be linked in the profile of the registrant’s My.Scouting account. Your Scoutmaster can provide you with your BSA ID number if you don't know it.

  3. Your current email is in your My.Scouting account.

  4. Check your email after registering to complete your required disclaimers.

Parent Tip: When registering a youth participant, you’ll need to sign-in using the youth’s my.scouting account. Note: When registering as a participant, no fees will be collected at the time of registration – registration fees will be collected by Great Trail Council.

Once you have completed your registration on the National Jamboree page, you will be contacted by the council in regards to further actions needed including the initial deposit.

The button below will take you to the National Jamboree page where you must register first. Be sure to write down your national registration number for registering for the Great Trail Council Contingent. Make sure you print and read the following document.

GTC NSJ Participation & Registration.pdf


Still have questions about the 2023 National Jamboree?

Contact: Jamboree2023@gtcbsa.org

Paul Schumacher
Council Jamboree Chair

Phil Kuestner (phil.kuestner@scouting.org)
Council Contingent Staff Advisor

Jamboree ASM Lovell shows Troop B326 is open for Jamboree Fun

Senior Patrol Leader waits for the busses to take his troop into Anstead WV to complete a day of service.