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Updated 1/25/2024

This Cub Chat Live video covers the new program. A 75-minute Webinar.

By opening it into its own window, you can also see the playlist of videos covering the many aspects of the new program. 

Here is a direct link to the full playlist

Learn about the Unit Health Reporting Tool, that was distributed to your unit's Key 3 on Sept 15-16

Due online on October 31, 2023

Links expire Nov 15, 2023

Unit Health Survey Flow - what is the Unit Health Reporting Tool Presentation

How to use the Unit Dashboard to Prepare for Unit Contacts

Part of the November 11 College 

For other presentations from the college, go to college.gtcbsa.org

Open the presentation in its own window.

The Unit Dashboard and Uit Health.pptx

Unit Dashboard Overview

Mike Weber

Chair of the technology Group

National Commissioner Service Team 

Visit the Charter Renewal Page

Learn about the renewal process. 

All units have been directed to this page for support in the charter renewal process.

Have your units update their unit pin

Have your units learn about Online Registration

What should be on this page? Let me know at commissioners@gtcbsa.org.