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2024 Unit Health Metrics

on Great Trail Units served by the Council Commissioner Service Team, our District, and Unit Commissioners.

Page updated: June 4,  2024

Why Unit Health Metrics?

What makes a healthy unit? Why do we care? If we can't measure it we can not know when we are making progress towards having stronger units. Having positive scores on the various unit metrics will increase the chances of scouting in each unit having the best experience possible while we assure the delivery of the Scouting program in a consistent way across units. The National Commissioner Service Team has identified a few metrics, and we will be following a few more with the goal of making our units as strong and as healthy as possible. 

Our focus for now is only on Packs and Troops

National metrics:

GTC metrics:

For more detailed information on the meaning and actual definitions used, visit More-on-metrics in these pages. 

For more detailed information on the individual units you serve, see their unit dashboard at My.scouting.org. 

Monthly updates

Published periodically.

June 2024

June 2024 

Report date: 6/4/2024
Data: as of 6/2/2024
Next update: TBD, July 2024.
Report type: published webpage of a spreadsheet.
Previous months archived below. 

Summer Camping Health by unit

Units should use council-provided camps for both Cub Scout and Scouts BSA programs. This report shows which units use and do not use BSA facilities to enhance their scouts' experience. This data includes in- and out-of-council experiences at Cub Scout Day Camp, Cub Scout Resident Camp, and Scouts BSA Resident Camp. 

Report date: April 12, 2024
Data from the Summer of 2023
Next update: Fall 2024
Report type: published webpage of a spreadsheet.

Encourage Packs to attend Day and Cub Resident Camp at manatoc.org/cub-summer

Patrol Method Best Practices

Data from the Unit Health Reporting tool. Troops should strive to implement all 13 Best Practices.  Commissioners can use these data when helping their Troops. 

Report Data: Feb 27, 2024
Data: from Unit Health Reporting Tool 2023, only for participating Scoutmasters in the reporting.
Next Update: TBD
Report type: pdf


May 2024 Our third monthly report.

Report date: 5/4/2024
Data: as of 5/4/2024
Next update: TBD, June 2024.
Report type: published webpage of a spreadsheet.
Previous months archived below. 

April's 2024 Our second report report and implementation of the unit health metrics on each unit and a summary of the results. 

Report date: 4/13/2024
Data: as of 4/4/2024
Next update: TBD, May or June 2024.
Report type: published webpage of a spreadsheet.
Previous months archived below. 

December 2023

First Attempt to report Unit Health by unit. Definitions are included on one of the tabs.

Report date: December 8, 2023
Data: as of 12/5/2023
Next update:: April 2024
Report type: published webpage of a spreadsheet.

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