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More on Unit Metrics

page updated: April 16, 2024

Unit Health Metrics is a new concept of the 2023-2024 timeframe. 

The Great Trail Council Commissioner Service Team is trying to understand the new direction from National, emulate it, and add value to the new approach, hence the publication of these unit health pages and GTC derived metrics.

The text below (in black) comes from from Larry Chase, chair of  National Commissioner Service Team, Presentation to CST 9 Conference in Findlay, Ohio, February xx, 2024. All other text, in red, is a comment from GTC.

Reading Note:

Words in parentheses below are added or modified in tense to aid readability. 

When the words added are not from Larry's presentation, they are added in brackets [ ]. Most are the comments of the GTC Commissioner Service Team on local council interpretation or implementation of this direction. For that reason they are added in Red Text to help highlight the difference. 


Our objectives are focused on better serving more youth through Scouting. There are two, equally important (objectives):

Some question the role of commissioners in growing membership; they believe responsibility for it rests with our district, council, CST and national membership committees and the volunteers and professionals that staff them. But think about it: if it is Scouting’s program that attracts and retains youth and adults – and it is - then Scouting’s unit leaders have the greatest responsibility for membership as they are responsible for delivering great, S.A.F.E. programs. Commissioners share that responsibility with them; we exist to enable their success.

Our Goal

Our Goal: To prepare America's Youth for Lives of Impact and Purpose. 

Our Focus

Focus (for commissioners):


Metrics that are objective will help us identify which units are thriving and which could use a helping hand. 

An advantage to this new approach is that metrics are not a barrier to building a relationship with unit leaders – unlike our current system of scoring and assessing. 

[Reminder: Red Text is to highlight GTC comments and implementation and not to signal any other importance. National intends to score 0-6 whether these metrics are met. GTC is implementing a similar Unit Health, UH, score. ]

We are moving away from an emphasis on tracking data to a system that supports impact. Objective data helps us put a greater emphasis on people and utilizes technology to support that initiative. 

Hazardous Weather Training and “Trained” Leader Status Change, April 29, 2024

Hazardous Weather training is valid for two years. Failure to renew Hazardous Weather Training will now remove a Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, den leader, Advisor, and Skipper’s “trained” status. As with Youth Protection Training, Scouters will receive email warnings Hazardous Weather is expiring, and a notice if it does expire. Once Hazardous Weather is retaken, the Scouter’s “trained” status will be renewed for two more years. This will not impact positions where Hazardous Weather is not a required element of the training.  I expect this to be reflected in the unit metrics for trained moving forward post April 2024.

More Information

More information is available.

For each of the metrics above, GTC implements the measure as discussed. 

The bar is low. For example, a troop with under 12 youth is scored as unhealthy as one with a lack of positive growth. It is a low bar for a good reason. Commissioners can use the data to triage units, know where to focus support, and serve the units most in need first.

GTC, where practical, offers supporting data in the unit health reports. For example, you will know whether a unit lost 1 scout or 50% of their membership. You will know how many youths went to camp and not just one youth. These should help the trained commissioner. 

GTC Webpages

Support is available on our websites

When you find a unit is low on a metric there are specific resources on the website that may assist you in being the single best resource. 

Your Council Commissioner Service Team supports these pages as we strive to 

Be your single, best resource
Help you to ensure S.A.F.E programs, and
Enable significant, sustainable growth

Questions: contact us at the Commissioner Service Team link above. 
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