Page updated: April 12,  2024

Journey to Excellence is a Boy Scouts of America program to help Packs, Troops, Crews, Ships, and Posts to plan, monitor and evaluate their performance and their ability to serve youth.   There are specific criteria for the unit to plan and accomplish. 

Journey to Excellence is a number of performance measurements that are known to make for a successful Scouting program.  It is designed as a planning tool. 

“Journey to Excellence is a roadmap or a guide or benchmark to show and indicate what a (unit) can and should be doing.”

Plans for 2004 not complete.

All Units in Great Trail Council should use the JTE framework. Key 3's of each unit will receive a personalized link on September 15, 2023, at their registered email. Your unit's Journey to Excellence Scores will then be entered in the Unit Health Reporting Tool. All Key 3 members are asked to complete the questions in the Tool, but only one will actually be asked to enter the JTE scores.

What Journey to Excellence Brings to Your Unit

2024 Scorecards are available

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