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Great Trail Council Advancement Committee

This memo provides the Advancement Committee with a quick checklist of the materials or items that are needed before scheduling of an Eagle board of review begins. Be sure to give the District Advancement committee time enough to schedule a member to be part of the board.

  • Completed Eagle Application
    • The Eagle application must be the most current version available (See GTC Website).
    • Signatures of “Certification by Applicant, Unit Approval - Unit Leader and Unit Committee Chair and Local (GTC Council Certification” must be dated before the Scout’s 18th birthday.
    • Read each requirement carefully and answer thoroughly. Note that all requirements must be completed prior to Scout’s 18th birthday. This includes documents of Scout’s ambitions statementand leadership resume.
    • Six (6) letters of recommendation from those listed in requirement #2, in unopened, sealed envelopes must be presented at the Eagle Board of Review. The letters must be from the individuals listed on the application.
  • Final Eagle Project Report (This should be an example of the Scout’s best work.)
    • The complete, signed, Eagle project plan as approved prior to the project start.
    • A full detailed report on how the Eagle project was actually accomplished.
    • Details of the Scout’s leadership during the Eagle project.
    • Specific examples of the Scout directing the work, rather than doing the work.
    • Description of how the organization benefitted from the Eagle project.
    • Written analysis of how the project followed, or did not follow the original plan. It should include details of any and all changes made to the work efforts, materials, finances, equipment, etc.
    • Log of participants with names, age, and number of man-hours to complete the project.
    • Itemized table of materials used including the quantity, cost, and/or value, and grand total.
  • Proof of Project Completion
    • Page C of the Project Report of the Eagle Scout Leadership Project Workbook, complete with signatures of completion from the applicant, the Scoutmaster, and the benefitting organization representative. These are dated signatures which must be received prior to the Scout’s 18th birthday. Also, start and completion dates of the project.
  • Pictures
    • Before, during, and after pictures including work in progress (with captions or explanations).
  • Candidate
    • Neat appearance.
    • Bring your best attitude (remember scout spirit).
    • Full Scouts BSA uniform and MB sash with correct patches in the proper positions (current position of leadership, current rank, earned MB’s, see uniform inspection form).
    • Scout handbook.
  • Board of Review Members
    • Not less than three (3) or more than six (6) members. Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, parents, and relatives of the Life Scout are not permitted to be members of the review board.
    • One (1) District Advancement committee member. When scheduling, be sure to allow adequate time for the committee member to be able to attend.

National Eagle Scout Association

Welcome to the Great Trail Council NESA Chapter's webpage.

"Prepared. For Life" is Scouting's new tagline entering into this second century. I think it is very appropriate. Think back to your scouting experience and remember how it prepared you for where you are today.

In this new century of Scouting we would like to reach out to fellow Eagles living in this community and provide opportunities for networking together. As time goes on, we will try to provide many social and service opportunities for our Eagle group to interact.

If you are interested in participating in these future Eagle events, please click here and tell us a little bit about yourself.

I look forward to meeting you at a future event and reminiscing about past experiences we encountered in our own unique Trail to Eagle.

Yours in Scouting,

Joel C. Hamsher, CPA

CFO, Akron Auto Auction

and NESA Committee Chairman for the Great Trail Council

If you have questions, please contact Jody Gildersleeve at jody.gildersleeve@gtcbsa.org or by phone 330-773-0415 ext. 218

National Eagle Scout Forms and Documents

To download the Eagle Scout Application, Service Project Workbook, and more, click here.

Important Eagle Scout Documents