Eagle Scout Information

Page updated: May 5, 2024

National Eagle Scout Forms and Documents

Please use the following link to  download the Eagle Scout Application, Service Project Workbook, and more, 

This "Advancement Resources from Scouting.org" will always have the most up-to-date versions of these and other advancement documents, and will take you to the National Council's website to download materials.

Eagle Scout Rank Application

Source: Scouting.org


Eagle Scout Reference Letter

Source: Great Trail Council

GTC Eagle Scout Rank Recommendation Form (2020-FEB-a).pdf

Steps in the Life to Eagle Scout Process

This file contains a step-by-step guide for the Life to Eagle process and the template to share for reference letters. 

Source: Great Trail council

2020 Great Trail Council Eagle BOR Policy-chart.pdf

Great Trail Council Rank of Eagle Scout Extension Request Checklist

Source: Great Trail Council

GTC Eagle Extension Request Checklist_rev082021_fillable.pdf

Request for Extension of Time to Earn the Eagle Scout Rank

Source: Scouting.org

Eagle Extention Request GTA-

Eagle Submission Form

Source: Great Trail Council

Eagle Tracking Envelope Template.pdf

Are you using Scoutbook? 

A Scoutmaster can produce a nearly complete Eagle Application, with name, ID, rank and merit badge dates entered. See directions here.

Source: Soaring Eagle District Eagle Chair

Generate eagle application report.docx

Glenn and Melinda Adams Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award

Glenn and Melinda Adams Eagle Scout Project of the Year Submission Form

Source: scouting.org


How to apply

Glenn and Melinda Adams Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award nomination form for 2024. 

The new form has the following updates to help promote locally and collect the necessary information to help in the selection process by your local committee. 






      Scout’s Signature:____________________________________________ Date:_______________

For further information: 

Mark Messerly, Council Advancement Chair

Phil Kuester, Staff Program Director, 234-900-5904, philip.kuestner@scouting.org