Co-ed Clubs for Akron Public School students at select middle schools, and co-ed Posts for 14–20 years old

Olivia Pilon

Senior District Executive - Exploring



Marnie Mellinger

Exploring Program Coordinator

(234) 800-5902


What is Exploring?

Exploring is a workforce development program for youth ages 10-20 that teaches young people important life and career skills through immersive career experiences and mentorship provided by community and business leaders. The result is a program of interactive activities across 12 career fields that helps youth pursue, grow, and develop their career interests.


Goals & Objectives:


The Exploring program serves youth in two capacities:


The in-school Exploring program provides youth in middle and high school with the opportunity to experience a range of career fields through hands-on learning activities led by local businesses and organizations. This program’s activities supplement the existing curriculum of classrooms served by Exploring.

Currently, the in-School Exploring program serves youth in the Barberton City Schools and Akron Public Schools.

Join one of our Explorer Posts

For youth ages 14-20:

 Interested in gaining hands-on career experiences from professionals in the industry? Check out the following list of out-of-school Exploring programs that are accepting applications:

        Law Enforcement Programs:

        Akron Police Department

        Kent Police Department

        Medina County Sheriff’s Department

        Springfield Police Department

        Summit Metro Parks – Ranger Department

        Fire/EMS Programs:

        Green Fire Department

        Medina Fire Department

        Valley City Fire Department

        Engineering Programs:

        Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

        Valley City Engineering & Manufacturing Program

To learn more about Exploring, please contact Olivia Pilon at (234) 900-5894 or Olivia.Pilon@Scouting.org.