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Page updated October 17, 2023

Patrick Scherer, Scout Executive
Shannon Sinex, Field Director

Jeff Kline,  Institutional Head for Council Chartered Units

Institutional Representatives:

Canal District: Jeffrey Carrico
Crooked River District: Joseph Payne
Soaring Eagle District: Anbu Kuppusamy
Stambaugh District: Thomas Semer

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Download the checklist for a smooth transition (2 pages)

Great Trail Council, BSA - Steps for a Smooth Transition

BSA and UMC Informational Meeting Webinar (41 min)

Left to Right:
Dave Harman, Council Commissioner, Patrick Scherer, Scout Executive and CEO, Jeff Kline, Institutional Head for Council Chartered Units. Recorded Wednesday August 31, 2022

Guidelines for Council Registered Units

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Guidelines Council Registered Units.pdf

Questions and Answers

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What is a Council Registered Unit?

It is a new option that allows councils to be the chartering organization.

Why is Great Trail Council directly registering units?

Due to the national bankruptcy and many related complications, some existing chartering organizations have opted out of rechartering their units.  The council will directly charter these units.

Can a unit find a new chartering organization?

No.  The charter organization relationship is a formal partnership between the Great Trail Council and the organization. 

Adult Leadership?

The only way for new leaders in council chartered units to be registered will be online.  Due to the volume of adults expected, this is the most efficient way to receive adult applications.  

How will this work?

The Great Trail Council has selected Jeff Kline to be the lead Institutional Head for the council.  He has appointed one volunteer in each district to serve as the Institutional Representative for the council.  

Each of the districts lead executives will serve as the Charter Organization Representative.  In consultation with the unit leadership, they will select a Charter Organization delegate that will approve adult leadership applications and will confirm the youth and adult rosters at rechartering.

What is a Charter Organization Delegate?

A charter organization delegate is a registered adult leader in each unit that is the liaison to the council and the Institutional Head.  

The position description is listed in the resources below.

Will we need to change our bank account?

Yes.  Each unit will need to establish their own bank account using the council’s EIN. 

Relevant forms are listed in the resources below.

Are there any tax implications for changing charter partners to the council?

There are no tax implications since the council is a 501c3 organization and will file the appropriate tax documents with IRS and the State of Ohio.  Units will qualify as sales tax exempt for purchases made for unit program.  Purchases made in direct benefit to an individual cannot be exempt from sales tax.

Will the council force units to merge?

NO!  The council fully expects that as we recover from two years of COVID and get a release from bankruptcy that our membership will grow.  We need all our existing units to serve the youth in our council footprint.

Will our Scouts, Leaders and unit equipment be covered by insurance?

All registered Scouts and Leaders are covered under our General Liability Insurance program.  The council will also provide insurance coverage for average levels of unit equipment and trailers.  Units will not be allowed to own any vehicles of any type.  Units will need to provide the necessary information and annual inventories to the council.  There will be a fee charged to the unit for trailers and any equipment considered above normal.  These amounts have yet to be decided by the Executive Board.

Relevant forms are listed below.

Will there be standard inventory and financial forms?

Yes.  Inventories will be required annually by November 1st each year using the GTC_Inventory_Form.  A unit reconciliation of finances as of December 31st each year will be required to be submitted by January 31st of the next year utilizing the Unit Finance Report Template. 

Both forms are listed in the resources below.

Where will our unit meet?

We fully expect that a great majority of the existing charter partners will be willing to sign facility use or affiliation agreements with the council.  This will allow units to continue meeting in their current locations.

See the Facility Use and Indemnity Agreement below.

Steps for a smooth transition process

How is this all going to work?

Here are the steps to follow for a smooth transition process:

1. District Director/District Executives will be made Charter Representatives by 9/1/2022.

2. Identify a Charter Organization Delegate

a. Charter Organization Delegate should be registered in that position prior to October 1, 2022.

3. Obtain the release from the current charter organization by October 1, 2022.

4. Obtain a new bank account(s) utilizing the council EIN by November 1, 2022.

5. Submit make, model, year, VIN and approximate replacement value of your trailer by 11/1/2022 if applicable.

6. Submit troop current inventory list by 11/1/2022 so proper insurance coverage can be obtained by 1/1/2023.

7. Confirm members and adult leaders who are returning for 2023.

8. Confirm that all adult leaders have an expiration date of 6/30/2023 or later for Youth Protection Training. If not have them update their Youth Protection Training.

9. Confirm that all Direct Contact Leaders are trained for their position. This includes Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Coaches, Advisors, all their assistants and any Den Leaders.

10. Collect appropriate 2023 registration fees from each person.

11. Log into the Internet Recharter System through internet advancement/Scoutbook.

12. Remember to include the unit insurance fee and trailer fee in your fee calculation.

13. When you are ready to submit your recharter select PAY AT COUNCIL so we can help to ensure that you are not overcharged. Refunds are not issued is paid directly to the national office through the system.

14. By January 31, 2023, submit reconciled bank account documents and financial reporting form.

Resources - Facility Use Agreement with UMC and Annual Agreement with GTC

Facility Use and Indemnity Agreement

updated 10/17/2023

Open this agreement in a separate window (pdf)


The Annual Agreement for Council Registered Units

Open this agreement in a separate window (pdf)


Resources - Unit Inventory

Request to Release Scout Equipment and funds

Open this letter in a separate window (pdf)


Process for Unit Trailers

added 9/27/2022

Open this letter in a separate window (pdf)


Resources - Finance Report and Bank Account Letters

Bank Account Closing Letter

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Bank Account Closing Letter Fillable.docx

Bank Account Opening Letter

updated Dec 9, 2022

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National Council Statement on GTC Tax Exempt Status

Added November 28, 2022

Open this letter in a separate window (pdf)


IRS BSA 2022 Affirmation Letter

Added November 28, 2022

Open this letter in a separate window (pdf)

BSA_2022 Affirmation Letter.pdf

IRS Form 990: Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax Tax year 2022
Open this letter in a separate window (pdf)

Updated October 17, 2023

Signed 2022 990 Public Inspection GTC BSA.pdf

Annual Unit Finance Report

Open this spreadsheet in a separate window (xlsx)

10. Unit Finance Report Template_8.10.2021_v1.xlsx

Resources - Charter Organization Representative Delegate

Chartered Organization Representative Delegate - Position Description

updated September 23, 2022

Open this document in a separate window (pdf)

Charter Organization Delegate Position Description.pdf

Volunteer Leader Reference Check

Open this form in a separate window (pdf)


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