Support Scouting in Great Trail Council

Friends of Scouting
With your help, the Great Trail Council will continue to motivate young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetime. Your gift will ensure that all youth throughout our council will have the opportunity to experience all that Scouting has to offer.

Give to support our  Campership  funds
Help us support scouts. We know how hard it is to afford all of the opportunities in scouting. We regularly offer campership opportunities with our camping offerings such as day camps, Webelos resident camp, Scouts BSA resident camp, National Youth Leadership Training, and more. Your funds will help more scouts be able to attend camp this year.

Special Events

The council hosts several special events to raise funds for our Scout programs and two beautiful camps, Camp Manatoc and Camp Stambaugh. There are different ways to get involved. Click the buttons below to find out more information about our 2024 events!

Product Sales

Spring Flower Sale
This year, the Great Trail Council will partner again with Urban Growers to sell flowers this spring! All information for the sale can be found by clicking the button below.

Fall Popcorn & Nut Sale
For over 34 years, Scouts throughout the Great Trail Council have been selling Popcorn and Nuts to help “fund” their year of Scouting. Many incredible trips, camp outs, trainings, and adventures have been paid for by this outstanding Popcorn Sale. Information available Fall 2023.

Council Endowment Fund
Donating to the Council Endowment Fund allows you to make a gift that will serve the Great Trail Council forever. This fund's earnings are used to support the future operations of the Council and the donated amount is kept intact. Please call our local Scout Service Center at (330) 773-0415 for more information.

Matching Gifts
Many employers will match their employees' personal donations to the Council. Even if you are retired, you may be able to still take advantage of these programs. Each company's program is different, but some may even double or triple the amount of your contribution!

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