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May 23, 2024, Roundtable LIVE Replay

68 minutes, 121 initial views of the live event.
250 views in 2 weeks.

See CONTENTS and CHAPTERS below to select individual items of content. 


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On May 23, 2024, Roundtable went live under Assistant Council Commissioner Vinnie Close, and the live stream had 121 viewers. We offer a recorded version of the roundtable at and request all in the council to take time to view the relevant portions. The one-hour video is divided into chapters which you can access directly in the chapter listing below by clicking on the time link. 

Here is a summary of the 14 topics covered in
Roundtable Live on May 23.

Here are the topics covered

We have used the new logos throughout and encourage you to use them as well. 

A prequel waiting video. The first 11:30 of the video. Also available as a separate video at    • Waiting on RT Live  This video is featured on our Camp Manatoc website at

A Scouting Anthem, "How will they find their way?" The GTC-branded video is featured on and available as a separate video at    • How will they find their way?. Other GTC-branded recruiting videos for you to use are in our playlist at    • Recruiting Videos

See the chapters below. 


Sherri Buck offers a training on this at the chapter below and featured on with additional presentation slides. 

See Jeff Kline's presentation on the Adventure Fee below and that video is featured on (page live on May 24, 2024). Questions about the fee can be sent to Jeff at

See Pat Scherer's video at the chapter below. this video and sample excel budgets you can download are featured on the /renew website under UNIT PAY MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL at

See chapter below and this video is available as a separate video featured on the Cub Scout Summertime fun Adventure Page On that page, it is called the Summertime Fun Planner and is available as slides alone or the narrated video. Here is the direct link to the planner

For important information and dates, see the chapter below.

AOL to ScoutsBSA transition is NEW under the new Cub Scout Program beginning on June 1. See the Garfield Murden, National ScoutsBSA director, video in the chapter below, or it is available as a stand-alone video and is featured on 

See Chapter below

See Chapter below 


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0:00 Fly across Manatoc and see the beauty of our camp while waiting for Roundtable Live to begin.

11:14 3-minute live countdown begins.

14:15 Scouting Anthem Video also Available as a separate video 

15:51 Start of RT with ACC Vinnie Close

16:39 Opening: Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath, and Scout Law.

18:08 Safety Moment - Parade Safety

20:12 Sherri Buck, New Unit and Membership Renewal Process and website. Available as a separate website. 

28:05 Membership Moment - Memorial Day Activities

29:29 Jeff Kline - New Council Programs and Funding. Available as a separate video.

36:32 Summertime Fun Adventure Video

45:11 Scouts BSA Summer Camp Important info and dates

47:07 Garfield Murden, National Director of Scouts BSA, AOL to Scouts BSA Transition has changed

55:10 Scout Executive Pat Scherer speaks on Unit Budgeting, new new Adventure Fee, Program Calendars, Pack T-shirts

58:38 A new Roundtable Format

1:01:56 Announcing and honoring our Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor candidates

1:04:46 Closing video 

1:07:18 Thank you screen