Merit Badge Counselor Information

How to Become a Merit Badge Counselor

  1. Complete the Required Documents:

    1. Merit Badge Counselor Information Sheet. (Download a blank form -- or -- Download a pdf fillable form - use Acrobat Reader to complete the form after downloading it. )

    2. BSA Adult Application (Download)

  2. Complete Youth Protection Training and Print Certificate

    1. Training can be completed at

  3. Submit Required Documents and Youth Protection Training Certificate to the Council Service Center

  4. Wait for Approval from the Council Advancement Committee

  5. Verify your registration as a Merit Badge Counselor on your own by checking your registrations as explained below.

  6. Check out the Guide for Merit Badge Counseling on this page.

Questions? Talk to your Scoutmaster and Troop Advancement Counselor.

A guide to Merit Badge Counseling


512-065, 2018 printing

Where can I find a list of local merit badge counselors?


Scouts BSA members seeking a counselor should talk to their Scoutmaster.

Unit leaders

Troop, crew and ship leaders can find the list of merit badge counselors on the unit page in Scoutbook. Scoutbook provides a search for merit badge counselors at that location. Your unit need not use Scoutbook to view the list. Log into with your my.scouting userID and password, click on My Dashboard, Administration, your unit and scroll down the page. A downloadable list is not available at this time.

Council, District Scouters and Commissioners

Council and district committee members and Commissioners can find the list of merit badge counselors in (Click on Roster then Reports).

Merit Badge Counselors

Merit badge counselors can find the badges they are approved to counsel by logging into (use your my.scouting userID and password to login) and clicking on My Dashboard, My Account, My Positions.