Grades K-5

Cub Scout Training for Adult Volunteers

Cub Scouts need trained and informed leaders.  This page shares some of that information.

Monthly Roundtables: offer continuous training for Cub Scout Leaders and typically meet once a month in your district. For times consult your district page.

Online Training: Log on to for Youth Protection Training, and your position online training. Also, there is Weather Hazard Training and more available.

In-person Training Calendar: See what in-person courses are available by this council 

National Adult Training Page:  visit 

The Cub Scout Program is brand new, effective June 1, 2024. Here are the changes so you can get ready. 

We are really excited about the changes.  (Attention: Scoutmasters - click here)

The four areas of improvement are the Bobcat badge, Cub Scout Adventures, Webelos, and Cub Scout Awards. 

Bobcat will no longer be a badge earned once when a Cub Scout joins.  It will become a required adventure for each rank and earned each year.  The requirements for the Bobcat Adventure are different for each grade to make them age-appropriate.

This page will be updated as more and better information comes in. Last updated February 26, 2024

This Roundtable Presentation is provided by Council Service Territory 9 via your local Commissioner Service Team.

Contents: (click on the time to start your video at that point)

0:00 Cub Scout Program Updates

1:21 Four Areas of Improvement - -Bobcat

1:50 Four Areas of Improvement – Adventures

2:07 Four areas of Improvement – Webelos

2:35 Four Areas of Improvement – Awards

3:18 Fun, Simple, and Easy

3:40 Bobcat Improvement

4:06 Adventures Improvement

7:50 Webelos (4th grade) and AOL (5th grade) Improvement

9:20 Awards Improvement

10:16 Summertime Fun Award – now an individual achievement

10:46 Program Delivery

10:59 Handbooks

12:34 Online Resources on for every rank and adventure

14:14 Intentionally Slow Rollout! 

This 75-minute video is currently, the single best source on the New Cub Scout Program.

 Everything we currently know is in this 75-minute webinar. 

Use this on your phone to stay in touch with the latest program updates from National

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Webelos Leaders and Scoutmasters, be aware. 

The 4th and 5th-grade programs are changing dramatically.